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Vanishing Ball by SWARI

Vanishing Ball by SWARI

The Vanishing Ball is one of our Super Specials that you have to have in your collection. This is one of those childhood magic tricks that we loved watching and then performing them for our friends and family! It's here now, so enjoy!


P.S.: We have a video of how it works too, do check it out!


P.P.S.: Also, we invite you to be a part of our Triangle of Happiness. With each gift package that is purchased by you, it is not only the artisans and their families who are sustaining their livelihood, but you are also making this 2021 New Year season a memorable one for underprivileged children. Because with each package that is purchased by you, we send a gift to a child in need. Finally, this brings happiness to You in the form of satisfaction of helping someone and receiving these beautiful handicrafts!


What are you waiting for then? Buy now!!

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